In the heart of Ukraine, in Vinnytsia oblast, generous in its grain fields and meadows of lush green grass, is where the plant that manufactures products known under the Vapniarka TM is located.

From long ago Vinnytsia oblast has been famous for its milk products, and mastery here is passed on from generation to generation.

The history of the Vapniarka Cheese Factory takes its start in 1926. Currently it is one of the most powerful enterprises in Vinnytsia oblast.

Thanks to the high quality raw materials base, many years of experience, mastery and striving to be the best in their sector, the products of the Vapniarka TM have not only once taken part in all-Ukrainian competitions, where it was selected for gold and silver medals by both consumers and experts alike.

The real gem of the Vapniarka TM collection products  is its Russian cheese, its classic taste is sharpened by master cheese makers to perfection. The Vapniarka TM honours and increases the tradition of cheese making, using high technology and preserving the authentic taste of real Russian cheese, which is familiar to us from childhood. It can confidently be called the favourite cheese of our country.

What is the key to the Vapniarka TM's success over many years?

  • It's the strict quality control at all stages of production;
  • It's the use of natural, fresh milk;
  • Of course, it's the professionalism or our cheese makers, who invest and scrutinize the technological process;
  • It's the careful preservation of authentic traditions, which are only complemented by new and better technologies;
  • It's the sincere desire to provide rich taste to impeccable quality products;
  • It is the joy of being involved in loved vocation, which is adequately appreciated by consumers;
  • It's the pride for one's country, which presents the best milk products both at home and abroad.

Finally, it's a way of life – to continue old traditions, complimenting them with new content!


Brand news

True cheese from Vapnyarka ÒÌ enters Ukrainian Book of Records! (PHOTOREPORT)
22 October 2013
These holidays the First National Cheese Festival took place on the territory of Expocentre of Ukraine (VDNH, Kiev), the organization of it being the initiative of Milk Producers Association. Vapniarka TM actively participated in celebrations and established a new record of Ukraine – the longest cheese stick was made out of our true “Rossiyskiy” cheese!
The longest cheese stick in Ukraine from Vapnyarka TM!
18 October 2013
On October 20 the true ‘Rossiyskiy’ cheese of Vapnyarka TM will establish a new record of Ukraine. Skillful cookery specialists will make the longest cheese stick in the country out of this particular cheese! This momentous event will become the high point of the First National Cheese Festival organized at the initiative of Milk Producers Association of Ukraine.
“Vapniarka” TM supports first National Cheese Festival
20 September 2013
“Vapniarka” TM presents itself as the official sponsor of the first National Cheese Festival, taking place in October 19-20th in Expocenter of Ukraine in Kyiv (former VDNH).