Vapniarka Cheese Factory

Vapniarka Cheese Factory


Vapniarka Cheese Factory Vapniarka Cheese Factory Vapniarka Cheese Factory Vapniarka Cheese Factory Vapniarka Cheese Factory Vapniarka Cheese Factory Vapniarka Cheese Factory
One of the 
leaders  in production of
"Russian" type cheeses in Ukraine 
A producer of cheese
according to classic recipes
since 1926

The Vapniarka Cheese Factory — is one of the leading producers of hard cheeses in the central regions of Ukraine.

Visiting card of company - is Rossiyskiy cheese, made according to classical recipes of natural ingredients only.

Founded in 1926, the Vapniarka factory became a master of classical recipes of production, which to this day the factory still cooks that same, natural Russian style cheese (similar to Tilsiter), one with a taste which many recall from their childhoods.

«Rossiyskiy» cheese from the Vapniarka factory is produced using classical technology, which included the extensive experience of local cheese makers whose tradition has been carefully preserved and has been passed on from generation to generation. Thanks to the «Rossiyskiy» cheese TM Vapniarka became known and is a loved cheese all over Ukraine. 

The ingredients for success of the Vapniarka factory are two key advantages.

The first of these - 
holding true to the classic cheese production recipes.

The second ingredient for success — is it's ideal location. The company is located in the village Vapniarka in the Tomashpol district of Vinnytsia oblast. This is one of the most picturesque regions of Ukraine, which has long been famous for its highest quality milk. Cheeses of the Vapniarka Cheese Factory are made exclusively from natural milk without the addition of artificial ingredients. 

In 2001 the Vapniarka factory was acquired by the TERRA FOOD company. From 2001 through 2012 a complete modernization of equipment took place at the factory, which allowed for the doubling of the factory's production capacity and to expand its variety of products.

Production capacity of the factory:

  • the daily volume of milk processing stands at over 220 tonnes;
  • the daily volume of cheese produced is about 20 tonnes.

Quality standards and awards

A certified quality management system, State Standard of Ukraine ISO 9001:2009 and a system of managing the safety of food products State Standard of Ukraine ISO 22000 are in place at the Vapniarka Cheese Factory,

The high quality of production is supported by awards and diplomas, both at Ukrainian, and international competitions. Amongst them: gold medal at the Ukrmyasomolprom tasting competition, gold medal at WorldFood UKRAINE, finalist diploma of the One hundred best products of Ukraine competition and a gold  medal at the International Milk Congress.


Address: Lenin Street, 157, Vapniarka, Tomashpol district, Vinnytsia oblast, Ukraine 24240
Tel.: +380 4350 3 18 39