Reshetilovsky butter factory

Reshetylov Butter Factory

Reshetylov Butter Factory is one of the leading dairy enterprises in the Poltava region. The factory specializes in butter, spreads and cheese production.

In 2003 the factory became part of TERRA FOOD Group.

Production capacity:
  • up to 170 tons of milk are processed daily;
  • up to 70 tons of butter and spreads are produced daily;
  • 20 tons daily of cheese are produced daily.

Company history
In August 1924 Reshetylov Cooperative Society was established for milk processing, and 5 years later the plant was built in its place according to the latest specifications of that time. Over the years the factory has been actively growing and developing. So, only from 1989 to 1995 the production underwent a massive modernization, with a number of new amenities built or reconstructed, such as the new dairy shop, wastewater treatment facilities, boiler rooms, the compressor station.

The next important stage in the factory history started in 2003, when it joined TERRA FOOD Group. Production facilities were reconstructed, basic equipment and infrastructure were modernized, production volumes were increased, a number of new products were launched.

Reshetylov Factory takes pride in the vast experience of its specialists, strict adherence to high quality standards and unique location in the region where dairy traditions are well developed. The factory is especially proud of a wide range of natural products. These delicious and high-quality butter and cheese are well-known to Ukrainian consumers under Zoloty Reserv and Vid Pryrody trademarks. Reshetylov butter has always been famous for its quality and repeatedly received awards of national and international exhibitions and contests, including WorldFood Ukraine and 100 best goods of Ukraine.


Address: 11 Shevchenko Street, Reshetilovka, Poltava region, Ukraine, 38400
Tel.: +380 5363 2 14 58