Partnership in the World

Partnership in the World

The TERRA FOOD company — is one of the largest Ukrainian exporters of spreads, butter and cheese.

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TERRA FOOD exports butter, clarified butter, spreads, mixes cheese and dry demineralized whey.

During 2012 we exported about 20 thousand tonnes of produce, presenting them to markets more than 30 countries, which include Israel, Georgia and also the markets of the Balkan Peninsula, Asia, North Africa and the Near East.

The company's share of Ukraine's export of spreads stands at 39%.

Thanks to many years of experience in the production of dairy products and modern equipment at our factories, TERRA FOODis one of a few company's in Ukraine, which can produce a product, taking into account any desires of our partners. In such a way we can produce products in a variety of packaging formats and weight, and also complete a product that takes into account the particularities of a certain market, for example, with different amount of fat and with a different taste.

We created the Ukrainian Glory trademark especially for foreign markets, under which we produce butter and spreads. The name of the trade mark itself indicates that this is a quality, natural and tasty product is the true pride of the Ukrainian market.

TERRA FOOD ensures our marketing and advertising partners abroad by providing them with all the necessary promo-materials.

In the short term, the TERRA FOOD company plans to expand the geographic reach of its exports. Regarding the distribution of our products beyond Ukraine's borders please get in touch with our international sales department.

Tel: + 38 (044) 594 70 33

Al-Farah International For Food Security Co. is the official TERRA FOOD representative office in Jordanian. Was founded in Amman in 2008. Alfarah is actively present in the Arabian Gulf, North Africa and ALL Mediterranean markets and other countries and for more details please contact at