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True cheese from Vapnyarka enters Ukrainian Book of Records! (PHOTOREPORT)

22 October 2013
True cheese from Vapnyarka  enters Ukrainian Book of Records! (PHOTOREPORT) These holidays the First National Cheese Festival took place on the territory of Expocentre of Ukraine (VDNH, Kiev), the organization of it being the initiative of Milk Producers Association. Vapniarka TM actively participated in celebrations and established a new record of Ukraine – the longest cheese stick was made out of our true “Rossiyskiy” cheese!

On October 20, 2013 during the First National Cheese Festival a culinary record was established they made the longest cheese stick in Ukraine out of true Rossiyskiy cheese from Vapniarka TM. Skillful cookery specialists connected cheese blocks to form a single-piece stick. Then it was successively dipped in original batter and into a tub with deep fat. Its unprecedented length 2,5 solid meters! was documented by representatives of Ukrainian Book of Records. And in a few seconds a tempting dish with a special sauce... disappeared from a table!

Nataliya Tkachyk, the Director of the Quality Management Department of INTER FOOD Company, was presented on stage with the official diploma from Ukrainian Book of Records. We make cheese Vapniarka TM out of natural milk according to classical recipes. Excellence of our cheesemakers and their sincere love for their craft brought us consumer acceptance all over Ukraine. Today's achievement has become one more proof of high quality and excellent taste of our Rossiyskiy cheese. Cook with us and establish your own culinary records! Mrs. Nataliya wished all the visitors.