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TERRA FOOD export с начала года открыл 5 новых рынков

23 May 2019
TERRA FOOD export с начала года открыл 5 новых рынков Since the beginning of 2019, the TERRA FOOD dairy has been replenished with new export markets. Our products were first shipped to Gabon, Iran, Bulgaria, Macedonia and the Palestinian state.
The number of countries to which the company exported its dairy products has already reached more than 60.
"The opening of new markets is an important task in the company's export business, but the most important thing is to further develop the distribution of the brand on the export market, build long-term relationships with business partners, and this is the strategic task of the Export Department" TERRA FOOD "- commented the director of foreign economic activity "TERRA FUD" Maxim Voitovich.
The annual export development strategy envisages both the opening of new markets and the development of the range and expansion of volumes on the focal markets, where exports are already carried out for 5, 10 and 15 years.
We wish the export direction of new success in the world markets!