Principles of personnel policy

Being 1 in all that we do

All our employees are united in their striving for leadership – they want to be #1 in everything they do.

We create the best conditions for productive work of each employee.

  • Starting work. Our new employees undergo the introductory training, during which they get to know more about the company and the products. The training program includes attending the factories, tasting the products and meeting the key employees.
  • Motivation. The key to business efficiency is the correlation of employees’ performance and achievements with the business goals of the company. We believe that every work should be duly rewarded. Thats exactly why the basis of the motivation in our company is Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Upon achieving high KPIs each employees gets a monthly or a quarterly bonus.
  • Training and development. Are the educational programs in our company are designed to optimize the growth and development of each employee. Upon the completion of programs, courses and workshops the employees can apply the acquired knowledge into practice I their everyday working process to achieve the common goal of strengthening the companys positions on the domestic and international markets.