Principles of personnel policy

Focus on constant development

  • Being the leader of dairy product industry of Ukraine, we offer unlimited development possibilities for both young and experienced specialists.
  • College/university students can discover all the subtleties of the milk production process and work with the best specialists of the industry in Ukraine during the production practice of an internship.
  • New employees get to know more about the working process during the product trainings, which help systemize the knowledge about our products. Here the participants discover the full range of products, visit the production sites, and, of course, taste our products to personally make sure that cheese, butter, spread and other TERRA FOOD dairy products have both great taste and high quality.
  • Commercial department specialists get all the knowledge necessary for their work during a complex program called School of sales. As a part of the learning process, the participants thoroughly study our products, their advantages and technical peculiarities of the production process. In the final part of the program the employees master the presentation skills and practice negotiations with trade partners.
  • Professional development is one of the key conditions for effective work in highly dynamic environment of our business. For instance, there are regular workshops aimed at improving the level of computer literacy. During those trainings the employees master the usage of frequently used office programs and systems. The trainings are organized by the employees of our IT departments of the representatives of the partner companies, who teach the users to work with their solutions.