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Structure of the Company

You can start or continue your career in one of the departments of our company:

Raw material supply department 
Milk is the main raw material for our factories. To ensure its incessant supply, the company works together with the best farms of Ukraine. The employees at the factories and milk collection points, who are responsible for raw material supply to the factories, communicate with milk suppliers every day and know everything about it! It is their hard and diligent work that becomes the basis of future quality of TERRA FOOD products

Production is the heart of our business. TERRA FOOD factories employ a big team of the best specialists, who ensure the daily functioning of the company. Milk collection, quality testing in the labs, working in the shops or shipping the product from the warehouse – TERRA FOOD employees treat every production stage with care and put all their experience into the creation of quality dairy products. 

Just like any other complex body, TERRA FOOD production requires reliable support. It is provided by the Department of logistics, which supplies the factories with packaging and other necessary materials, while the Department of quality management ensures the compliance to the requirements of all the national and international standards. The guarantee of the product quality is the key priority of TERRA FOOD company. 

Each of the employees is responsible for the product quality. We strictly control the quality at each production stage, from the farm where we get the milk to the store shelf, where we bring our products.

The quality and the safety of dairy products made at TERRA FOOD factories complies with all Ukrainian and key international requirements and rules due to the integrated food quality and safety management system based on ISO 9001:2009 standards «System of quality management. Requirements» and ISO 22000:2007 «System of food safety management. Requirements for all organizations in the supply chain.” Company management is done with compliance to HACCP system. TERRA FOOD product quality and safety is proven by the international HALAL certificate, which means that Muslim people all over the world can safely consume the products of our company. 

Commercial department 
Sales of TERRA FOOD products in all the places where our consumers live are a key task of the commercial department. Sales managers go to the most remote parts of Ukraine to make sure that everyone has a chance to buy our quality products. Employees of the commercial department know about all the advantages of our produce; they are also great at negotiating and understand the market well – all that helps TERRA FOOD sales grow constantly. 

Department of international sales
Exporting of our products is one of the priorities of the company. Due to rich production traditions and advanced European technology TERRA FOOD products comply with all the key world quality standards and sell well outside Ukraine. Entering the new markets and increasing the sales volumes on the existing ones are among the main objectives for the employees of the department of international sales. 

Financial department 
A strong team of accountants, economists, auditors and analysts guarantees that the financial processes at TERRA FOOD are carried out with maximum efficiency. TERRA FOOD financiers closely cooperate with all the departments, thus ensuring the support of all the key business processes. 

Marketing department
World-class marketing, strong brands and leading positions in certain categories of the market are the things that TERRA FOOD is proud of. We put all our knowledge, experience and creativity to earn the love and trust of our consumers. Strategical planning of categories and brands development, research of consumer preferences, creation of advertising campaigns, development of new products and introducing them to the market, promoting the brands through all communication channels – everything that our marketers do is aimed at the support of sales and promoting TERRA FOOD products all over the world. 

Human resource department 
Human resource department employees are responsible for the creation and implementation of TERRA FOOD staff policy. They carry out a whole complex of personnel management activities, from candidate selection and recruitment to TERRA FOOD to career development and motivational programs creation. The professionalism of the employees of the human resource department ensures high positions of TERRA FOOD in the rating of the best employers of Ukraine. 

Law department 
Lawyers provide legal support of the company at all the stages of its activity. Our law department has the best specialists in the fields of administrative and commercial law. Due to their experience and active involvement in all the major production and administrative processes, our factories and offices operate in full compliance with the norm of Ukrainian legislation.

Department of investments and information system development
A great team of IT specialists and managers in charge of communication with investors are responsible for the development and modern communication means in our business. Negotiations with investors and search for new sources of financing are the responsibility of the employees of the department, who make foundation for future business growth of TERRA FOOD. IT specialists ensure the functioning and constant improvement of the corporate information system, as well as automation of business processes as well as technical support and user support at the factories and company offices.  Their expertise helps effectively solve real business problems and provides a solid basis for further projects of TERRA FOOD development.