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During 16 years of its history on the market TERRA FOOD has created a strong team of specialists and managers in various professional fields. Today, the company is the leader in Ukrainian dairy production industry as well as a big exporter. TERRA FOOD comprises 19 modern factories, while TERRA FOOD products are exported to more than 30 countries of the world. 

Today TERRA FOOD is the absolute leader in key categories of dairy production industry: #1 in dairy production, #1 in butter and spreads production, #1 in cheese sales and #1 in the segment of premium-class dairy products. TERRA FOOD is the exclusive supplier of milk mixtures for McDonald’s ice cream and milkshakes in Ukraine. 

The head office of the company is situated in Kyiv. Strategic management of TERRA FOOD activities all around the world is carried out from here.

In order to supply more than 1,500 ton of milk to our factories daily, our raw material suppliers work in almost all regions of Ukraine. 

The production facilities of the company are situated in 6 regions of Ukraine. Strong teams of commercial specialists, which ensure TERRA FOOD products sales, work all across the country. Sales development on Ukraine and CIS countries as well as new market development is performed by a Department of international sales, a part of the Head office in Kyiv. 

People are the basis of our company’s success. More than 3, 500 of our employees share the company philosophy and are united with one common goal: to create healthy and tasty dairy products for our consumers and their families with love and care. TERRA FOOD staff has a lot to be proud about, as they work for the company that has created such successful brands as Ferma TM, Tulchinka, Premialle, Bila linia and others, which appear on the tables of hundreds of thousands of families every day. 

High quality of TERRA FOOD products is certified with many awards of key national and international contests and tastings, including: a sign of product safety and quality control “Dobryi znak (Tulchinka TM, Bila linia TM), grand prize and golden medals of «World food» (2013, 2014, 2015), «Favorites of Success» (Bila linia TM and Premialle TM, 2015),  «100 best products of Ukraine» (2013), «Choice of the year» (2011), CIS award for achievements in the field of product quality (2009), «Brand of the year» (2009), a title of a laureate of the National program «Leader of the goods and services in Ukraine» (2007), a «Quality standard» diploma from the «Public recognition» program (2006).